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Fitness classes options

Workout with Ginny from the comfort of your own home or garden with cardio or toning workouts. See all the options below.

Face to face fitness classes

All the face to face fitness classes are on pause until August 2020, due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
Re-start dates will be communicated once we can go back exercising safely with small groups.
Classes will still be every Monday and Thursday 6-7pm and details of the location will be communicated.
Thanks for your patience and support during this very tough time.

Online fitness classes

Ginny Fitness online are interactive classes hosted on the zoom platform. Classes are every Monday 6/7pm, Wednesday 7/8pm and Thursday 6-7 pm.
Joining is as easy as a click. All you need is a laptop or tablet with camera and audio. You will receive a meeting invite before the class and if you click on the link, the meeting will start automatically.

Workout at home with Ginny Fitness on demand

Ginny Fitness on Demand are pre-recorded workouts which you can purchase and do in the comfort of your home and in your own time.
Videos include Dance aerobic cardio workout and body toning lower and upper body workouts. If you would like to see a preview of the videos, please click here or follow my Youtube channel.

The service is a monthly subscription based and it’s £20 per month.

Fitness classes for everyone

Have a look at all Ginny Fitness classes for everyone

Dance fitness

Body tone

Booty blast

Abs blast


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Cardio, toning and stretching for the perfect workout combo

Want to try my latest dance aerobics cardio workout?

Specialist fitness classes

Ginny Fitness specialist fitness classes include prenatal/ post natal and seniors (over 55) fitness classes

Prenatal and post natal safe and effective workout

Exercise during pregnancy or getting back to exercise after delivery provides a wealth of health benefits for both you and your baby.
This group based class is specifically designed to make sure that pregnant women and women who just had a baby can exercise safely and effectively. The class include a 30 min low impact dance aerobic cardio workout and 30 min of pregnancy and post pregnancy specific exercises, including pelvic floor exercises and pelvic tilts to avoid lower back pain.

Read here more info around the benefits of exercising during pregnancy.

Seniors (over 55) safe and effective fitness class

This class is specifically designed for seniors who would like to keep healthy and strong, but also for people at risk of falls.
This group based class is specifically designed to make sure that seniors can exercise safely and effectively.
It includes 30 min of low impact cardio to improve mobility and balance and 30 min of functional exercises which are designed to improve strength, coordination and to reduce the risk of falls.

Read here more info about why should seniors exercise and the benefits of exercising later in life.

Pre and post natal safe workout

Seniors functional exercises workout

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  • Dance aerobic and toning Mon 6pm- 7pm

    Get a full body workout with the perfect combination of cardio workout (dance aerobic) and resistance exercise. On occasions, we will be using dumbbells, but if it’s your fist time, all exercises will be performed using body weight only.

  • Dance aerobic and toning Thu 6pm - 7pm

    Double up! This class is the perfect combination of a cardio workout and resistance training, in order to improve strength and endurance. In just one hour we’ll be working on all the major muscle groups in the body to provide you with a total body workout.


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